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Are you planning to knock down an old building? Perhaps you have new plans for your property or need to get rid of an unsafe shed or garage. Whatever your demolition plans, count on Perkins Grading LLC to help.


Serving Belmont, North Carolina and the surrounding areas, our full-service demolition teams are able to handle projects big and small. When it comes to demolition, one of the main concerns is safety. This refers to the structures and property surrounding the demolition site, as well as your family and the demolition team.


At Perkins Grading LLC, we have years of experience performing demolitions with the proper safety gear. With the right equipment on our side and the experience of our professionals, we are able to complete each demolition project with ease. Don’t risk an accident or damage to your property by trying to do the demolition yourself or hiring an unlicensed company. Perkins Grading LLC is fully licensed and bonded – and most importantly committed to your satisfaction, assuring you of a safe demolition.

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In addition to providing demolition services, we’ll also carefully remove debris and rubble following the wrecking stages. Our experience in construction means that we’re also prepared to handle any dangerous substances found in old homes. Rest assured that all debris will be handled properly and removed from your property so that you can move on with your plans.


In addition to being professional and knowledgeable, our teams are responsible. You can count on us to show up on time and complete your demolition project on schedule. 

Call (704) 614-0560 or click for a quote.

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